Universal moisture meter FIZEPR SW100.11 for any kind of materials
Moisture meter FIZEPR SW100.20 for liquid materials
Moisture meter FIZEPR-SW100.30.2 for bulk and paste-like materials in laboratory researchs
Moisture meter FIZEPR SW100.10 for bulk materails

Moisture meters
for liquid and bulk materials

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Moisture Meters for all Types of Material

FIZEPR-SW100 series moisture analyzers (meters) are designed for measuring permittivity and moisture content in liquid and bulk materials. The analyzers are recorded in the National Register of Measuring Equipment with Registration No. 58390-14 (http://dp.vniims.ru/TSI/9069-6A1E7BB54910.pdf).

The feature of the analyzers is a direct method of permittivity measurement which does not require preliminary calibration thus ensuring the highest possible accuracy when measuring moisture content.

The moisture meter FIZEPR-SW100 is the world's only non-nuclear meter providing moisture measurement of materials with large fractions (crushed stone, gravel, ore, etc.).

Introduction to FIZEPR-100

moisture meters

The second feature that also distinguishes these analyzers from all commercially available moisture meters consists in the simultaneous measurement of dielectric loss tangent, which means determination of a complex permittivity value. Moisture calculation based on two parameters allows for improving accuracy of conductive medium measurement and determining the content of salts, coal particles and other medium components.

A newly developed measurement principle makes it possible to locate semiconductor elements far beyond the area of measurement without affecting the accuracy. Therefore, FIZEPR-SW100 meters can be applied in material analysis under extreme temperatures – up to 1000 ºC, so the temperature range is limited by the probe material only.

Various sensor designs allow using the FIZEPR-SW100 analyzers to control the moisture content in any material. A moisture measurement range of 0 to 100 % provides for numerous analyzer applications:

The moisture meter operating principle consists in an analysis of the material dielectric properties by measuring the complex refractive index (deceleration factor) of an electromagnetic wave in a controlled environment. During measuring, the ratio of sensor’s air probe resonance frequency to its resonance frequency in the sample material is determined. This principle ensures the independence of measurement results and metrological characteristics from the length of the sensor probe and its modification (probe, in-line or laboratory type). The moisture meter software automatically calculates water content based on the calibration tables for each type of sample material loaded in the meter memory. The calibration tables are classified only by the properties of certain material and are common for all moisture meter modifications.

The moisture analyzer FIZEPR-SW100 consists of an electronic unit and a probe-sensor made of stainless steel AISI 321 and available in the following versions:


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