Moisture meter FIZEPR-SW100.17 (70) for concrete-mixing machines

Moisture meter for concrete mixer
FIZEPR-SW100.17 (70)

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Moisture meter FIZEPR-SW100.17x (7x) for concrete-mixing machines

The moisture meter is designed for measuring the moisture (in percentage) of liquid and bulk materials. Its main purpose is measurement of water content in the concrete mixture directly inside the concrete-mixing machine, consistency and quality control of mixture agitation and its mobility.

This moisture meter version is particularly effective during the control of materials exhibiting high conductivity or permittivity what is a feature of coke, ore, iron-ore concentrate, and a number of other materials.

Moisture meter FIZEPR-SW100.177 (77) Moisture meter FIZEPR-SW100.17 (70)











The moisture meter contains a remote sensor and an electronic unit that is common for the whole FIZEPR-SW100 moisture meter series.

Due to the principle of operation, the moisture meter is a radiowave device - dielectric meter. The moisture meter determines the permittivity of the controlled material using the environment probing by VHF band radiowaves and then knowing the material temperature determines its moisture.

A parameter measured by the meter - moisture - is the ratio of the mass of water contained in the material to the weight of the wet material. It is calculated using the formula:

where W – material moisture;

           mв - weight of the wet material sample;

           mс - weight of the same sample after drying.

The moisture sensor is available in a version for mounting on the hopper wall or on the panel board located above the conveyor belt. The sensor may also be installed in a hole drilled in the bottom of the concrete-mixing machine or on its wall. The package includes all necessary mounting hardware.

The sensor housing is made of stainless steel AISI 321. Its external elements contacting with the controlled material and susceptible to abrasion are made ​​of high-strength stainless steel AISI 420.

There is a thermocouple installed inside the sensor to control the process temperature.

Presentation of measurement results

Any measuring transducer for a current signal of 4-20mA can be used to display the measurement results, for example, "TRM-201" by "Oven" or "METAKON-1105" by "KontrAvt" or even an ordinary milliammeter. Measurements results are also simultaneously transmitted by the RS485 Modbus RTU digital signal.

For effective control of the mixing process, it is recommended to display information on a computer (laptop) so the operator can dynamically monitor the process of concrete producing. This allows reducing a concrete mixing cycle and unloading the concrete mixer not after the specified time but when desired homogeneity of the mixture is achieved.

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