Moisture meter FIZEPR SW100.24.181 for liquid materials
Moisture meter FIZEPR SW100.21.036K for liquid materials
Moisture meter FIZEPR SW100.20 for liquid materials
Moisture meter FIZEPR SW100.10 for bulk materails
Moisture meter FIZEPR-SW100.30.2 for bulk and paste-like materials in laboratory researchs

Moisture meters
for liquid and bulk materials

Moisture Meters for all Types of Material

FIZEPR-SW100 series moisture analyzers (moisture meters) are designed for measuring permittivity and moisture content in liquid and bulk materials. The analyzers are assigned Registration No. 58390-14 and No. 75771-19  in the State Register of Measuring Instruments in the Russian Federation.

The moisture meters are ex-certified for application in explosive atmospheres. The electronic unit of the explosion-proof analyzer is marked 1Exd[ia]IIBT5, and the sensor is marked 0ExiaIIBT5. The sensor can be installed in areas with the highest hazard level “0” where explosive gas mixture is present permanently.

The moisture meter FIZEPR-SW100 is the world's only non-nuclear meter providing moisture measurement of materials with large fractions (crushed stone, gravel, ore, etc.).

Introduction to FIZEPR-100

moisture meters

The unique feature of analyzers is a direct method of permittivity measurement without preliminary calibration, which ensures the maximum accuracy of moisture measurement.

The second feature, which also makes these analyzers different from other existing moisture meters, is that they simultaneously measure dielectric loss tangent, i.e. determine complex permittivity value. Moisture calculation two parameters makes it possible to increase measurement accuracy of conducting environments, determine salt concentration in them, content of carbon particles and other components.

The newly developed measurement principle makes it possible to take out semiconductor elements forming part of the sensor far beyond the measurement area without any loss of accuracy. Due to this, FIZEPR-SW100 moisture meters can be used to control materials at extreme temperatures of up to 1000 ºC, while the temperature range is limited by probe material only.

Moisture meters are based on the complex of technical solutions, for which more than 15 applications for inventions were filed. Patents were obtained of the European Patent Office, of the Patent Office Russian Federation,  Germany  and Ukraine (, and patenting is carried out in other countries as well.

The FIZEPR-SW100 moisture meter is the world's only non-nuclear moisture meter providing moisture measurement of materials with large fractions (crushed stone, gravel, ore, etc.)

Various sensor designs allow using the FIZEPR-SW100 analyzers to control the moisture content in any material. A moisture measurement range of 0 to 100 % provides for numerous analyzer applications:

The moisture meter operating principle consists in an analysis of the material dielectric properties by measuring the complex refractive index (deceleration factor) of an electromagnetic wave in a controlled environment. When measuring, the ratio of sensor probe resonant frequency in the air to its resonant frequency in a controlled material is determined. This principle of moisture measurement ensures independence of measurement results and metrological characteristics from the sensor probe length and its version (probe, in-line or laboratory type). The moisture meter software automatically calculates water content based on calibration tables for each type of controlled material stored in the moisture meter memory. Calibration tables are determined only by properties of the material itself and are common for all moisture meter versions.

The FIZEPR-SW100 series moisture meters are available both in general-purpose industrial and explosion-proof versions. The complete list of produced moisture meters is given in the catalog: Katalog 2019  (Price List). All moisture meters FIZEPR-SW100 have identical composition: they contain an electronic unit and a sensor. Electronic units of all moisture meters are the same. Depending on the sensor design, moisture meters are available in the following versions:









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