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Design Bureau "Fizelektronpribor" was established in 1993 by the engineers of Kuibyshev Research Institute “Ekran” and Kuibyshev Aviation Institute on the basis of the EMC laboratory of the “Microelectronics and Electronic Equipment Technology” department, head of the laboratory is Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Petr Viktorovich Burenin.

Design Bureau has a wide experience of design, implementation and customization of industrial electronics. The equipment developed by our engineers is successfully used at the enterprises of USA, Germany, South Korea, Bulgaria, Thailand, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Kazakhstan.

We specialize in the development, manufacturing and implementation of industrial automatics and electronics: moisture meters, level gauges, spectrometers, ACS systems in a variety of industries.

Our customers

From the date of establishing in 1993, Design Bureau “Fizelektronpribor” has implemented more than 80 process automation projects at various industrial companies.

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Our customers are: PCE Americas Inc., Unilever Inc., EMCO Ltd, Instrumetrics Inc, Wasco Coatings Germany GmbH, PCE Deutschland GmbH,  and other leading industrial plants and research establishments. Geography of our partners covers the territory from America through the Europe to Asia. 


Instruments and systems developed and manufactured by Design Bureau “Fizelektronpribor” are patented. Currently Design Bureau engineers have patented more than 30 devices, including of the following areas:

Our dealer in Germany

Authorized dealer PCE Deutschland GmbH

Address: Im Langel 4, 59872, Meschede-Freienohl, Germany,

Tel. +49(0)29039769962

Web site:




Authorized dealer  Instrumetrics Engineering, Ltd

Address: 31 HaBarzel St. Ramat-HaHayal, Tel Aviv, 6971045, Israel.

Tel. +972 (9) 7645820, +972 (9) 7645821

Web site:



OUR Dealer in Thailand

Authorized dealer Pisshevik Intertrading Company Limited

Address: 118/118 Muban Passorn 21, Phatthana Chonnabot 4, Khlong Song Ton Nun Sub-district,

Lat Krabang District, Bangkok 10520, Thailand

Tel: +66-94929-3629




Beijing Weifeng Technology Co., Ltd                                    


Address: 1F, Building 24, №1 Hongye East Road, Daxing District, Beijing, V.R. CHINA

Telephone: +86-135-2240-4589, +86-131-4138-2588



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