Sawdust and chip moisture meters

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Sawdust and chip moisture meters

FIZEPR-SW100.10.x moisture meters are designed for measuring the fraction of water contained in bulk materials including in sawdust and chips. The principle of moisture meter operation is based on probing the medium with metric radio waves.

This wavelength band was chosen because the wavelength must exceed the granule sizes of the controlled material by an order of magnitude or more, otherwise the probing signal will be attenuated and dissipate on irregularities.  Therefore, these moisture meters can be used on wood chips and other materials with a fraction size of up to 15 cm and more.

Moisture analyzers are entered into the State Register of Measuring Equipment of the Russian Federation:  

The general catalog (price list) moisture meters for bulk materials is provided here: Price-list_2021

Sawdust and chip moisture meters installation

Moisture meters consist of an electronic unit and a sensor. Serial sensors of moisture meters for bulk materials are supplied in several versions different in the probe type. The sensor probe in FIZEPR-SW100.10.4x moisture meters is made as a straight or radially bent AISI 321 stainless steel bar 14 to 27 mm in diameter. Bar ends are secured on the opposite walls of the hopper or auger through special couplings. This solution determines an extraordinary strength and service life of the sensor, resistance to mechanical loads, shocks, abrasion.

Moisture measurement in sawdust and chips has always been a difficult problem because the bulk density of this material is very inhomogeneous and varies in a wide range, so moisture distribution throughout the volume is also excessively inhomogeneous. In contrast to the majority of existing moisture meters, FIZEPR-SW100.10.х moisture analyzers provide wood waste monitoring in a significant volume at once — from tens to hundreds of liters. This makes it possible to exclude the effect of inhomogeneity in moisture distribution and bulk density of the material throughout the volume. Moreover, the large volume analysis ensures much wider possibilities for bulk density stabilization, which is a key factor in the work with materials similar to sawdust.

This feature of moisture meters allowed Mekhanika-Trans Scientific Production Association to find a solution to ensure reliable measurements of wood chips and sawdust.   Refer to Mekhanika-Trans materials given below to see the diagrams of FIZEPR-SW100.10.41 moisture meter installation in the equipment manufactured by this company for wood chip drying, as well as in wood pellet production lines.

Sawdust and chip moisture meter

The sensor of this moisture meter is built into a hopper where sawdust and chips are accumulated in the probe area. When accumulation is completed, measurement is made. Then the measured material is removed by the air compressor, after which a new batch is fed and a new measurement is made. FIZEPR-SW100 moisture meters improved the feedstock processing quality noticeably and made it possible to optimize the pelleting process. 

Sawdust and chip moisture meter addon

Sensor of FIZEPR-SW100.10.41

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Sawdust moisture content can also be controlled in an auger. The moisture meter probe installed in an auger in the manner shown in the figures below will always be located in the stable bulk density area of the material, thus improving measurement accuracy. Auger flights are partially removed in the sensor installation area. A video showing the auger application of the FIZEPR-SW100.10.6 moisture meter is available on YouTube here.

   Type 1 of sawdust and chip moisture meter installation Type 2 of sawdust and chip moisture meter installation

  The photo shows the FIZEPR-SW100.10.43 sensor designed for sawdust measurement in an auger

FIZEPR-SW100.10.43 sensor for installation in an auger

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