Moisture meter FIZEPR SW100.20 for liquid materials
Moisture meter FIZEPR SW100.21.036K for liquid materials
Moisture meter FIZEPR SW100.24.181 for liquid materials
FIZEPR-SW100: explosion-proof moisture meter processing unit
FIZEPR SW100.20: Moisture meter oil and other liquid materials

Moisture meter for liquid materials

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Moisture meter FIZEPR-SW100.20, -SW100.21, -SW100.24, -SW100.12 for liquid materials

The moisture meter FIZEPR-SW100.20, -SW100.21, -SW100.12  is designed  to measure moisture in liquid materials, such as oil, fuel oil, petroleum, alcohol, coal-water slurry fuel (CWSF or CWS or CWF -  is a fuel which consists of fine coal particles suspended in water), sludge, etc. 

The device consists of an electronic unit and a sensor.



The sensor is made as a pipe section with flanges of stainless steel. There is a probe inside the pipe made as a flat-topped stick ​​of stainless steel of the same grade.

The probe of the moisture control device is equipped with a thermocouple, which provides process temperature control.

The length of the pipe section with the flanges is 400 ... 550 mm. The moisture meter is available in several versions with different nominal bore:  DN50 ...   DN200, and different allowable pressure: PN6 (6 bar) ... РN200 (200 bar).

Length, diameter, nominal pressure, flange types, operational temperature and other moisture analyzer parameters can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

20.17.K (DN100, PN25) ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 20.22.K (DN100, PN160) ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 20.51 (DN50, PN25)

The sensor of the liquid material moisture meter has several advantages:

The moisture control device can be equipped with an electronic unit either in general purpose industrial version or version with 1ExdIIBT5, IP66 certified explosion-proof enclosure.

Moisture meters FIZEPR-SW100.20.20  Moisture meters FIZEPR-SW100.20.142  Moisture meters FIZEPR-SW100.20.261  Moisture meters FIZEPR-SW100.20.51

Moisture meters for liquid materials are used in boiler installations, water-dosing and diesel oil emulsion dispersion systems. The scope of supply can include the control cabinet to operate the valves regulating water feed.


Moisture meter FIZEPR-SW100.12

The probe moisture meter FIZEPR-SW100.12 is designed for installation in tanks with liquid materials such as fuel oil, slurry from cement production, coal-water fuel (CWF), etc.

The probe moisture meter has a sensor consisting of a central probe – pin and four shield pins located around the central one. The sensor housing and its probes are made ​​of AISI 321 stainless steel. Pin diameter – 12mm, gap between the central and shield pins – 25mm. A large gap between the pins makes the sensor resistant to clogging.

The top of the sensor is made as a coupling with 1" female pipe thread according to GOST 6357-81, which allows mounting the sensor on a pipe of 33 mm diameter. The cable connecting the sensor and the electronic unit is laid through this airtight-connected pipe. Such sensor mounting allows adjusting the depth of its immersion in the tank and monitoring moisture at different levels.


Moisture meter FIZEPR-SW100.21.077  Moisture meter FIZEPR-SW100.21.036.K  Moisture meter FIZEPR-SW100.21.033


The use of stainless steel and special dielectric spacers provides corrosion resistance and allows using the moisture analyzer in pipes with liquids of 145°C temperature. The sensor operated at temperatures up to 350 °C is available on request.

The range of measured environment temperature can be extended up to 800 °C due to ceramics and high-temperature alloys application. In this case the accuracy of environment permittivity measurement remains virtually the same as that of the sensors for temperatures up to 145°C.

integration into automatic control systems

The moisture meter for liquid materials has a processing unit with RS232/RS485 interfaces. This allows including of the moisture control device into automatic control systems with no additional costs. Moisture meter supply package includes software suitable for Windows.  The scope of supply can include the control cabinet to operate the valves regulating water feed.

Moisture meter FIZEPR-SW100.24.181

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