Moisture meter FIZEPR SW100.20 for liquid materials
Moisture meter FIZEPR SW100.21.036K for liquid materials
Moisture meter FIZEPR SW100.24.181 for liquid materials
FIZEPR-SW100: explosion-proof moisture meter processing unit
FIZEPR SW100.20: Moisture meter oil and other liquid materials

Moisture meter for liquid materials

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Moisture meter FIZEPR-SW100.20, -SW100.21, -SW100.24, -SW100.12 for liquid materials: questions and answers

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  • How the measurement of moisture is performed? Does the sensor continuously measure moisture? Does it have an averaging algorithm?

    Moisture is determined by measuring permittivity in the metric VHF band. Moisture is measured regularly, about 1 time per second. The result is displayed as the average value of 5 measurements, but the user can optionally change the averaging base using the program for PC / Laptop.

  • Is temperature compensation provided in the moisture meter?

    There is a thermocouple inside the probe. Therefore all calibrations are referenced to the temperature.

    It should be noted that the method of measurement used is based on permittivity measurement. And compared to attenuation measurements at microwave frequencies the results less depend on temperature.

  • How flow and pressure changes affect the moisture meter?

    Pressure and flow of the material does not affect the measurement. Influence of the flow may occur due to cavitation effects on inhomogeneities within the sensor (narrowing, capacitance elements bottlenecks, etc). However, since cross section does not change along steaming direction and there are no capacitance elements in our sensor, such problem does not exist.

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