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Universal moisture meter FIZEPR-SW100.11

The dielectric moisture meter FIZEPR-SW100.11 is designed for measuring permittivity and moisture content in liquid and bulk materials. The feature of the moisture analyzer FIZEPR-SW100 is a direct method of permittivity measurement which does not require preliminary calibration.

The moisture meter FIZEPR-SW100 is the world's only non-nuclear meter providing moisture measurement of materials with large fractions (crushed stone, gravel, ore, etc.).

The moisture meter is indispensable in the production of carbonated concrete rubble, moisture of which can be not less than the same of sand (up to 8%).

Various design versions of the moisture analyzer primary converter (probe) allow using the FIZEPR-SW100 moisture control device for control of both bulk and liquid materials. Moisture measuring range - from 0 to 100% - provides a wide area of instrument application: 

The moisture meter FIZEPR-SW100 consists of an electronic unit and a probe-sensor made of stainless steel. 




The moisture analyzer FIZEPR-SW100.11 is a VHF band radio device. Such choice of wavelength range allows using the device for measuring moisture of inhomogeneous materials, liquids (including petrochemicals), bulk materials with large granules (crushed stone, gravel, rubber chips, wood chips, etc.), agricultural products, and emulsions. For example, the FIZEPR-SW100 can be used as a sand moisture meter, an inert materials moisture meter, and a fuel oil moisture meter.

Unlike microwave moisture analyzers, the FIZEPR-SW100 provides high accuracy of measurement by averaging measurements results over the entire material volume, including heterogeneous inclusions. 


Sensor FIZEPR-SW100.11.41Structurally this version of the moisture meter sensor is configured as a probe with two pins. The housing is cylindrical with G1 1/2" thread. Due to such structure the sensor can be attached directly to the tank wall. The coupling with thread G1" is fixed at the top of the sensor housing. It allows installing the sensor on the tube in the hopper in such a way that the sensor probe was located over the hopper outlet.

Using of stainless steel and modern dielectric materials provides resistance to corrosion and the possibility of the moisture analyzer probe FIZEPR-SW100.11 application in abnormal operating conditions at temperatures up to 145°C.

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The moisture meter probe can be mounted on the walls in the hoppers, in pipelines or on trays in conveyors. Due to pluggable design this version of the moisture meter can also be used for soil moisture control.

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