Universal moisture meters FIZEPR SW100.11.4
Universal moisture meters FIZEPR SW100.11.41

Universal moisture

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Service and technical support

Design Bureau "Fizelektronpribor" LLC provides delivery, installation and supervising installation of moisture meters as well as customization of their design for specific production conditions.


Moisture meter software for PC implements displaying measured values ​​and provide a way to setup the moisture meter firmware settings:


Version: 3.5 (01.06.2021)

System requirements: PC running Windows 7/8, Windows 10, Windows XP.

Connection: RS232 port / RS485 / USB with converter.


Getting started, user's manuals and other technical documentation for the moisture meter:

 Manual_Fizepr-sw100_vol.1.pdf  General operation manual for moisture meters of all variants

Setup Manual And Software Description_fizepr-sw100.pdf

Catalogue 1_v.3.10_ Eng.pdf  (Moisture meters FIZEPR-SW100 and microwave barrier for level SIUR-03V2 for bulk and paste-like materials)

Holes making

Cutout location in the measuring hopper

Panel board location on the wall of weighing hopper. Plane view.

Moisture meter sensor on the conveyor with sand

Flow conditioner on the conveyor belt

Moisture meter connection diagram

Moisture meter probe mounting on the hopper with sand

Moisture meter installation

Two versions of probe design are possible.

First version: the probe stick is flat-topped with both ends fixed on a metal surface in such a way that the probe is in a flow of measuring material.

П-образный зонд влагомера

Second version: the probe stick is made as a straight rod with the ends mounted on the opposite walls of the hopper.

Зонд в виде прямого стержня


Moisture meter warranty period is 24 months. Our company performs warranty and post-warranty repair of equipment.

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