Microwave barrier for level SIUR-03V
Microwave barrier for level SIUR-03V
Microwave barrier for level SIUR-03V

Microwave barrier
for level

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No. Parameter Value
1 Maximum allowable distance between the antennas 16 m
2 Ambient temperature in the place of RC and TR units installation (allowable temperature of RC and TR units housing during operation) -45…+85 °С
3 The maximum allowable temperature of the antennas external (radiating) end (during executing section 3.2):

- version V2.1

- version V2.2 with PTFE plug

- version V2.2 with ceramic plug * note 1

- version V2.3

+150 °С

+220 °С

+400 °С

+200 °С
* Note 1. At the customer’s request antennas can include high temperature ceramics with working temperature of up to 800°C, which allow insertion of antenna directly into the kilns flame area.
4 Size of holes in the tank walls:

- for antennas made of rectangular waveguide, not less than

- for antennas made of stainless steel pipe

12×25 mm

Ø 35 mm
5 Operating wavelength range of probing microwave signal 3 cm
6 Average power of the probing signal, not more than 3 µW
7 Maximum power flux density of microwave signal radiated by the transmitter and its antenna at a distance of 0.5 m (averaged value for the period), not more than 0,5 µW/cm2
8 Output stage is made using p-type field transistor  
9 Output voltage:

- when tank is not filled at a controlled level (microwave signal passes through the tank without weakening), not less than

- when tank is filled at a controlled level, not more than

+UBsup -1 V

10 Electric load on receiver output (maximum allowable load current) 150 mА
11 Alarm supply voltage (Usup) (DC power supply):

- nominal

- maximum allowable

- minimum allowable

+24 V

+27 V

+20 V
DNR18US24 "XPPOWER" type supply unit can be used as a power supply
12 Current consumed by alarm in supply network (excluding the current consumed by the external load), not more than 100 mА
13 Galvanic isolation of electrical circuits of alarm electronic units from the housing, not less than 500 V
14 Overall dimensions of receiving and transmitting units (without antenna):

- version SIUR-03V2.1

- version SIUR-03V2.2/3

140×140×85 mm

135×130×100 mm
15 Overall dimensions of waveguide antennas:

- version SIUR-03V2.1

- version SIUR-03V2.1

- version SIUR-03V2.2

- version SIUR-03V2.3 (4)



Ø33mm, L=200...1500mm *

Ø33 mm, L=120 mm
* Note 2. Antenna length is determined by the conditions of use and is specified during ordering.
16 Length of supplied cables for electronic units with cable connectors (cable is not supplied with units equipped with sealed lead-ins) 5 m
17 Dust and moisture ingress protection rating of alarm electronic units according to IEC 60529 IP65
18 Unit weights:

- transmitter TR

- receiver RC

1,2 kg

1,2 kg
19 Warranty period 24 months
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